Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Is it me?

It's not a rhetorical question. I'm not trying to be a smart ass. I really want to know, is it me?

A friend of mine said something to me the other day that got me thinking. He mentioned how my statuses are so negative (and additionally, also saying they're long but apparently, he's compelled to read them). And it got me thinking. I took a moment to just go through some of my statuses... maybe went as far back as a week... and I'm not going to lie and say they're weren't negative. But I'm biased. So I can't honestly say yay or nay. All I can really do is defend my position.

Reading over some of them, I can honestly say without a doubt that it wasn't me so much trying to be negative as it was being honest. This world has gotten so stupid. I can only hope that the whole phenomenon of 2012 does happen so that, like the movie, people can be picked and choose according to their importance and how much of a positive and intelligent impact they'll have on the new world (and I probably misspoke about importance, cause I mean... well, really? Palin? 'Nuff said.)

Case in point, my status yesterday read as follows:
Manny Blu

So after some douchebag driving from the opposite direction in an oversized explorer (who's clearly got the tiniest cock in the world, fyi) decided to come into my lane cause of the traffic on his side and swerves coming within inches of collision with me... then flipping me off cause obviously it was my fault... I've decided it's time to equip the back seat with a bat again... just saying.

I mean really?! How are you going to be a complete a-hole and flip me off after your poor decision almost caused an accident with me? It can't be me. It really can't. And I refuse to dumb myself down just so I can kee-- let me rephrase... just so the world can keep up with me. And this made me realize something. I had an epiphany the other day that was so obvious and clear, I don't know how I didn't see it sooner. A lot of people think I'm being funny. Which makes me think of a line in Eminem's song 'Beautiful':
ha Marshall, you're so funny, man,
You should be a comedian, god damn
Unfortunately I am,
but I just hide behind the tears of a clown

And I realize why people laugh at almost everything I say, despite the fact that I'm being serious. It's cause they're uncomfortable. They're uncomfortable with the truth, and it goes back to the age old saying "The truth hurts." And the truth is, as a people, we're stupid. We're dumb, stupid, retarded morons who've misplaced our priorities. You want proof of our stupidity? You've got libraries banning "50 Shades" from their shelves because of the long lived lifestyle of BDSM that it speaks of, but you can have teenage idiots swoon over some ass-fugly sparkling vampire who munches out the baby of his possibly underage counterpart on the big screen? Oh, she's not playing underage? She's 18? Yeah, that's better. Shut the fuck up before I take away your crayons.

But this just goes to show, it's not me being negative. It's me being honest. And it leads me to wonder another factor: how do I still have friends? I'm such a condescending pompous jackass that undermines everything and tells you how everything you know is wrong (like how for posting something on your status, facebook will donate dollar after dollar to save the kidney of a dying orphan boy and his sister who were pulled out of a burning car wreckage after they were attacked by a ferocious lion that shot wasps out of its mouth every time it roared... ok, I'm paraphrasing, but you get the idea) and yet, I still have friends. Maybe it's cause I'm not the person you want opposite your corner. Cause they know that at the end of the day, if it comes down to it, if my help is needed, my help is presented. Maybe cause I've proven that my bite is much more hurtful than my bark.

If you recall, a while back, there was a father who publicly called his daughter out on badmouthing him and her mother on facebook and he responded by putting 9 rounds into her laptop. I applaud this man. That's good parenting. I guarantee you, in a few years, that girl will be a stand up citizen and thank her father for that and not be some spoiled little cunt like many of the ones you already see. But back to my point: he posted a picture of her on facebook and there were a few people (honestly, like 3, nothing more than that) that were commenting on how he should get her on a diet, and she was obese, and how she's gonna get diabetes, and blah blah blah. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for ragging on someone if it's well deserved. But this girl has done nothing to no one and didn't need to be verbally trampled like that. I felt the need to speak up on two separate occasions. Below are the results of both, 30 mins apart from each other, in their respective order:
Manny Blu
I saw this thread yesterday, and I felt the need to comment, but decided against it as I should collect my thoughts before using my uncensored, filter-free mouth. Because I wouldn't want to stoop to Melanie's level and tell her how I'm glad she teaches her children good health because if their parents' looks is what they have to look forward to, life is going to be hard. Additionally, Melanie ain't exactly winning Miss Universe, but now we're just splitting hairs. Like I said, I'd hate to have to stoop to her level and call her a downright cunt who lacks manners and common sense... so I won't.
A little fun fact for ya, Melanie... obesity -- child or adult -- does not cause diabetes. Sure, it's a factor, I won't deny that. But explain this little wonder of science: I've no medical record in my family history of any having diabetes. Anywhere. For as far back as I could have researched, not one person has, past or present, diabetes. And I'm Italian, that's a lot of people to look up. So explain to me how my sister was diagnosed with type two diabetes. She's never been overweight, neither as a child, nor as an adult. She's hardly a food junkie. Like many people, she enjoys her coffee. But other than that, your logic is null and void, you're a moron for speaking how you did to someone you don't even know squat about, and if you do work for the NYPD as your pic is showing what I believe is the city's patch, I sincerely hope you get shot. You're an embarrassment to the shield, to my former employer, and to your fellow comrades. And if you're not an officer, I sincerely hope you're an actress and you're in costume cause frankly, having something like that in your possession is a felony. Just Saying.
While we're on the topic of cunts, to Melissa (the poster right above me), perhaps you too should think about what you say before putting your two cents in. Not to say you're not allowed to your own opinion, but keep in mind, you're on facebook... where people can click your profile... your profile that you most likely showcase your entire life on... so don't be surprised when someone calls you a stuck up, gold digging whore because of the fake nails you probably sucked a penis to pay for, your self-portrait photo which just cries for attention due to daddy issues, and your over-compensating exposure of your chest... yeah, you're a real poster child for where ever the fuck you're from, Singh. With a name like that (and I'm about to get real racist now), one can only hope you blow yourself up. (Yeah, I just did it. Go cry about it in your diary.)
And to wrap things up, Tommy, you have a lovely daughter. She seems very happy despite the fact that you shot up her laptop. LoL I hope she's improved since and I hope she realizes the extent of her inter-lebritiness. (I think that's what you call an internet celebrity.)
And to anyone who's got a problem with what I said, cry a river, and drown yourself in it. I've said my piece, anything negative you have to say to me or anyone else from here on out will be ignored and not a single fuck will be given. It'll only go to show where the priorities in your life are, the lack of life you have, and I will leave you with these words:
Arguing on the internet is like being in the special olympics -- whether you win or lose, you're still retarded.
Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 9:30am

Manny Blu
I find it funny how all these folks clearly forget of the firearm(s) that Tommy has and his ability and desire to use them. It's amazing how everyone can hide behind a monitor, but approach the man in person and stop being a coward.
Josh, your lack of intelligence precedes you through the words you typed. Your two-faced personality oozes from your profile by you making the american flag your cover photo. And what type of malnourished twig of a nutritionist are you to be given someone else dietary advice. You lack that which most men have -- no, not a set of balls, that's just in addition to... I mean dignity, respect, and common sense. The fact that you're allowed to socialize with the general public disgusts me. And no, I'm not being racist. I'm being honest. Your race has nothing to do with how I feel about you (or anyone for that matter). It's your stupidity that makes me cringe. But if it is racism you're looking for, then go blow yourself up. And take Melissa with you.
Melissa, another one who I'm shocked is allowed to co-exist with people. I think I've ripped into you enough on the other photo (link below). Judging by your default pic, you seem used to being fucked without lube, so I'll let you slide for now
Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 10:01am

Again, I don't know this girl from a hole in the wall, but neither do any of them. And she's done nothing to them, so what position are they in?

So I ask again: is it me?

Negativity? No. Honesty.
Truth hurts. Buy yourself a fucking diary.

Monday, May 14, 2012

My thoughts on "The Avengers"...

So apparently, I'm crucified in person for having a fucking opinion about the movie that doesn't match what everyone else is saying. So to start, fuck you if you don't like what I have to say. Although the movie was good, it wasn't as great as it was hyped up to be. It had it's great and funny moments, I will give it that. And I got the story they were telling. But I feel they took too long to get there. Fine, give me your argument that it's broken box office records, and blah blah blah. Well, fucking yeah it did. It was only the most anticipated movie awaiting release. Oh, and people are going more than once to watch it? Ok, let me stop you right there a second.

  1. Why? Why do people do that?? Especially within days of seeing it the first time around? I never understood that. Especially when just to go see a movie nowadays, you have to take out a second mortgage. And let's not even go into the unnecessary 3-D. Leave that to Universal Studios at the theme parks. I don't need accessories to watch a fucking movie.
  2. The high probability that people are going to see the movie again for the action and graphics (aka eye candy) and not for the storyline are pretty high. Again, I won't lie, the eye candy was pretty intense in some parts.

So, people are going more than once to watch it you say. Well, then that would explain the reason for breaking box office records. Can't pay your rent? Doesn't matter, saw "The Avengers" 8 times. Bravo.
But again, I'm not knocking the movie. Things were done right. The Hulk, for starts, was finally on point. I was a little turned off when I heard that Ruffalo was playing Banner. But he turned out to deliver the role. And the graphic designers managed to keep The Hulk looking similar to his human self and not like some down-syndrome flubber mutant.
All-in-all, "The Avengers" was ok. Please put your hate mail in your diary because I frankly don't give a shit.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

And then there was Blu...

So here we are. May 1st. A new start... again.

I wish I could say there is one difference this time though. I can't. Not because there isn't a difference. But because there's more than one. However, it does all come down to one reason: ambition. Something these past few months has felt... different. And good different, don't get me wrong.

For once, I'm somewhat at a loss for words. And if you know me, then you know that's complete blasphemy. There are just so many paths laid out around me that I honestly don't know where to begin. I guess I can begin with my reason for deciding to blog. Plain and simple, we're in a social media world. As much as I hate to admit it because the term is just such an oxymoron -- I mean, really?! Being online alone and looking at pictures websites and articles and 'liking' and sharing them makes us social?... *sigh* I've gone off-course. As I was saying, we live in a social media world. It's the ugly truth. And rather than keep fighting it, I might as well make my own mark. What can it hurt, right? ....why do I have the feeling I'm going to regret those words.

With that in mind, here are just a few of the recent paths I've started laying out:
  • This blog -- I've something of a free mouth... very outspoken. And it's not a matter of I don't think before I speak. On the contrary, I know very well the things I say when I say them. I'm not one to censor myself for anyone, and if I didn't say it hasn't gotten me in some hot water in the past, I'd be lying. You hear many say it, and very few live up to it, but I really do say pretty much what most people only think. Many take it as me just being a kidder, and well, so be it. But that's because of their discomfort with the truth. I know, I know, truth hurts. Especially hearing it. Buy a diary, and cry about it in there. Not on facebook. Because 73% of your friends don't even know you exist, 21% don't care about you, 4% have probably blocked your newsfeed, 1% is your family, and the other 1% will only read about it a month later during the once-in-a-blue-moon time they log in.
    So this blog is just a way for me to chronicle things -- whether it's my personal projects, upcoming events, random thoughts, how much I hate people and the cure for stupidity is seeming less and less likely... those sorta things. :-p
  • New YouTube channel -- my best friend and I, both actors, have decided to dabble in this, uh... youtube bonanza and put some ideas we had down on paper and onto some film. Well, not exactly film. I don't even think they use film anymore. But you get my drift. Stay tuned for that... which brings me to my next point...
  • -- It's finally happened. I've finally claimed my name. It's not fully up and running yet... but it will be. 
  • Stage performances -- In addition to the youtube channel and whatnot, the stage has been screaming for my return for who remembers how long. And so, it's time I answer it. Discussions have been had in regards to a play and even a one-man show. But that'll all be promoted in due time.
  • BluSB -- oh, you'll just have to wait for this... >;)
  • Getting fit -- everyone has New Year's resolutions and shit. Fuck that. Too cliche for me. I wait until I'm completely at rockbottom to do something about it. Not to say that I'm a two hundred and eighty-five pound man with a belly that can hold a plate without having to lean back... but I could afford to tone this shit up a bit. I mean, think of all the benefits... like being healthy and looking good and whatnot. Well, I mean moreso than I do now. >:)
That last bullet, about getting fit, that'll tend to be quite a regular post. I figure if I have the task of having to report my progress, chances are I'm not going to fuck this up this time. I've even consulted a trainer at my gym and plan to start getting my behind kicked by her twice a week for a few weeks. Bluntly put: I may die.

So that's just a quick rundown of things I've got going on. I swear not all my posts are going to be this dull. In fact, some may be downright insulting, but chances are, you'll read them and be "well, he is right..." Trust me.

And so here we are. Ending the same way we started. Time to ride this fucker until the wheels fall off...