Tuesday, May 1, 2012

And then there was Blu...

So here we are. May 1st. A new start... again.

I wish I could say there is one difference this time though. I can't. Not because there isn't a difference. But because there's more than one. However, it does all come down to one reason: ambition. Something these past few months has felt... different. And good different, don't get me wrong.

For once, I'm somewhat at a loss for words. And if you know me, then you know that's complete blasphemy. There are just so many paths laid out around me that I honestly don't know where to begin. I guess I can begin with my reason for deciding to blog. Plain and simple, we're in a social media world. As much as I hate to admit it because the term is just such an oxymoron -- I mean, really?! Being online alone and looking at pictures websites and articles and 'liking' and sharing them makes us social?... *sigh* I've gone off-course. As I was saying, we live in a social media world. It's the ugly truth. And rather than keep fighting it, I might as well make my own mark. What can it hurt, right? ....why do I have the feeling I'm going to regret those words.

With that in mind, here are just a few of the recent paths I've started laying out:
  • This blog -- I've something of a free mouth... very outspoken. And it's not a matter of I don't think before I speak. On the contrary, I know very well the things I say when I say them. I'm not one to censor myself for anyone, and if I didn't say it hasn't gotten me in some hot water in the past, I'd be lying. You hear many say it, and very few live up to it, but I really do say pretty much what most people only think. Many take it as me just being a kidder, and well, so be it. But that's because of their discomfort with the truth. I know, I know, truth hurts. Especially hearing it. Buy a diary, and cry about it in there. Not on facebook. Because 73% of your friends don't even know you exist, 21% don't care about you, 4% have probably blocked your newsfeed, 1% is your family, and the other 1% will only read about it a month later during the once-in-a-blue-moon time they log in.
    So this blog is just a way for me to chronicle things -- whether it's my personal projects, upcoming events, random thoughts, how much I hate people and the cure for stupidity is seeming less and less likely... those sorta things. :-p
  • New YouTube channel -- my best friend and I, both actors, have decided to dabble in this, uh... youtube bonanza and put some ideas we had down on paper and onto some film. Well, not exactly film. I don't even think they use film anymore. But you get my drift. Stay tuned for that... which brings me to my next point...
  • MannyBlu.com -- It's finally happened. I've finally claimed my name. It's not fully up and running yet... but it will be. 
  • Stage performances -- In addition to the youtube channel and whatnot, the stage has been screaming for my return for who remembers how long. And so, it's time I answer it. Discussions have been had in regards to a play and even a one-man show. But that'll all be promoted in due time.
  • BluSB -- oh, you'll just have to wait for this... >;)
  • Getting fit -- everyone has New Year's resolutions and shit. Fuck that. Too cliche for me. I wait until I'm completely at rockbottom to do something about it. Not to say that I'm a two hundred and eighty-five pound man with a belly that can hold a plate without having to lean back... but I could afford to tone this shit up a bit. I mean, think of all the benefits... like being healthy and looking good and whatnot. Well, I mean moreso than I do now. >:)
That last bullet, about getting fit, that'll tend to be quite a regular post. I figure if I have the task of having to report my progress, chances are I'm not going to fuck this up this time. I've even consulted a trainer at my gym and plan to start getting my behind kicked by her twice a week for a few weeks. Bluntly put: I may die.

So that's just a quick rundown of things I've got going on. I swear not all my posts are going to be this dull. In fact, some may be downright insulting, but chances are, you'll read them and be "well, he is right..." Trust me.

And so here we are. Ending the same way we started. Time to ride this fucker until the wheels fall off...

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